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KN95 Masks-Filtering Half Mask

Product Detail

Filtering half mask


Implementation Standard


product Name: Filtering half mask

Models: AX-KF95

CompositionMelt-blown 28%Nonwovens 72%

50 Units/ Color Box

1,000 Units / Carton

Net Weight: 5.8 KG   

Gross Weight: 7.6 KG

Shipping Box Size: 572 x 310 x 395 mm

FFP2 defined in EN 149:2001+A1:2009

Mask Size156X108mm+/-5mm(Folded

Compliant to EN Standards: EN 149:2001+A1:2009


Product Information Sheet for this link/en/DownLoad/52300.html


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Use cautions:


a)Please check fit of mask prior to use;

b)It is unlikely that the requirements for leakage will be achieved if facial hair passes under the face seal;

c)Please do not use the mask under low air quality condition, such as serious contaminants in air, oxygen deficiency;

d)Do not use the mask in explosive atmosphere;

e)After use, please discard the mask following local regulation;f)The mask is only for single use, do not use repeatedly. Storage Condition The product should be stored in a well ventila Pollutants and possible pollution sources. Also, the transport storage,stemperature:-20℃~38℃, relative humidity:<80%RH. Shelf-Life

The Protective Mask is valid for 2 years with the above storage condition.


Product Details:

· For Single-Use Only

· For Use Against Solid and Liquid Aerosols

· Bacteria filtration efficiency >95%

· Easy to breathe through

· Easy to put on, no strings to tie

· Helps to protect others against bacteria exhaled by the wearer


1. Facing the side of mask without the nose piece, hold the mask by hand to fix it on the face, and hold the mask against the chin.

2. Pull the upper head band over the head top.

3. Pull the bottom head band over the head top, place it underneath the ear and around the neck.

4. Press the fitted adjustable nose piece to your face to ensure proper fit. Use both hands, mold the nose piece to the shape of your nose.

5. Adjust the mask for your comfort and make sure a close fit at the face and no obvious leakage along thesealing line of the mask.





Symbol on the label:




1. A properly selected respirator is essential to protect your health. Before using this product consult a safety professional to determine its suitability for your intended application.

2. As with any respiratory device, the wearer MUST be adequately trained prior to use. Before use, the wearer should check the mask in good condition.

3.This product does not protect the wearer against harmful gases, particals and liquids which many produce harmful vapor.

4.This product does not supply oxygen. Use this respirator only in wellventilated area containing sufficient oxygen(at least 19.5%)to support life.

5. Do not use when concentration of pollutants is unknown or harmful to health and life.

6.Leave work area immediately if: a)breathing becomes difcult, b)dizziness or other distress happens, c)the respirator is damaged or d)an emergency occurs.

7. If user has any illness or discomfort, please consult a licensed medical doctor to determine suitability of use.

8.Facial hair and certain facial characteristics will prohibit effective use of this product.

9. Replace a respirator when the breathing resistance becomes excessive due to dust or particals loading or after a maximum 8-hour use.

10. Failure to observe the warnings and instructions may result in injury.

11.The respirator should not be close to ignition source and it should not be used in explosive atmosphere.

12. Keep respirator in a sealed container away from contaminated areas when not in use.


This limited warranty is made in lieu of the warranties of merchantability, fitness for particular purposes and all other warranties,expressed or implied. There are no other warranties which extend beyond the descriptions on the face hereof. The products sold meet the physical standards and specifications of AOXING.

Exclusive Remedies: The damages for the breach of this limited warranty are limited to the replacement of the same MUST be proved to be defectively manufactured. Except as provided above, AOXING shall not be liable or responsible for any direct and indirect loss, arising out of sale, use, or misuse, or the inability to use products by the user.

Storage Condition:The product should be stored in a well ventilated, dark and dry environment. Keep away from fire,pollutants and possible pollution sources. Also, the transport storage's temperature:-20C~38C, relative humidity:<80%RH.

When transporting this product use original packaging provided.




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KN95 Masks-Filtering Half Mask
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